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Camelot! – The Panto


Open Auditions on 10th September from 2.00pm at Anthony Roper School

Read throughs on 5th and 7th September at 8.00pm at Eynsford Village Hall

It’s Audition Time!!!……Oh yes it is!

Come along and be part of this year’s panto, it’s going to be fun

A hilarious panto that has love, revenge and an enormous dose of laughter as we travel to Camelot to see Arthur woo his Guinevere.

We meet Merlin who is determined to find eternal youth battling his old rival Morgan le Fey and the love struck evil Valerin, King of the Tangled Wood, who plots to take Guinevere back to his Misty Castle, with the help of his mum, of course!

There are opportunities for wonderful principal roles and also superb cameo roles – fancy being a talking clock, a singing magical head, a ghost or even a portrait!!!  For a complete list of the characters and audition pieces, check out the Riverside Players website on www.riversideplayers.co.uk

Hope to see you all soon.

Ferne Haxby

Character Details Description Spoken Audition Singing Audition
Morgan Le Fay Female
Queen of the night! Ruler of the Forest! Black Hearted Sorceress and Hater of Merlin. She wants revenge on Camelot. Merlin and Morgan I put a spell on you (Hocus Pocus version)
Valerin the Vicious Male
King of the Tanglewood, evil to the core (with the help of his mum) and is totally besotted with Guinevere Valerin and Mum

Marlon, Valerin and Mum

It’s a kinda magic
Queen Mavis – Valerin’s Mum Female
Interfering old lady who wants her son to succeed for the good of HER kingdom. Valerin and Mum

Marlon, Valerin and Mum

I put a spell on you (Hocus Pocus version)
King Uther Male
Arthur’s stern and strict father who wants to see his son grow up and be able to lead the kingdom Arthur, Guinevere and Uther

Uther, Merlin and Connie

It’s a kinda magic
Laughalot the Jester Male
Prince Arthur’s best friend in the whole wide world. A shy but not timid character who seeks courage. Laughalot

Arthur, Nell, Guinevere and Laughalot

It’s a kinda magic
Prince Arthur Male/Female
Principal boy. A dashing young love interest who hasn’t needed to really think about much yet Arthur, Nell, Guinevere and Laughalot

Arthur, Guinevere and Uther

It’s a kinda magic
Guinevere Female
Principal girl with an attitude. Don’t mess with this princess, she knows what she wants. Arthur, Nell, Guinevere and Laughalot

Arthur, Guinevere and Uther

I put a spell on you (Hocus Pocus version)
Nell Female
Devoted companion to Guinevere. Arthur, Nell, Guinevere and Laughalot I put a spell on you (Hocus Pocus version)
Connie Clatterbottom Dame
Prince Arthur’s nurse and royal bear keeper. Man hungry and very protective of teddy and Arthur. Uther, Merlin and Connie

Connie and Teddy

I put a spell on you (Hocus Pocus version)
Teddy Any Gender/Age Non speaking comedy part Connie and Teddy Knights of the round table
Merlin Male
Wizard to King Uther who is looking for eternal youth Merlin and Morgan

Uther, Merlin and Connie

I put a spell on you (Hocus Pocus version)
Marlon Any Gender
Henchman to Morgan Le Fey. A bit stupid with lots of laughs Marlon, Valerin and Mum I put a spell on you (Hocus Pocus version)
Nilrem and Nagrom Male/Female
Merlin and Morgan’s alter egos Nilrem and Nagrom I put a spell on you (Hocus Pocus version)


It’s a kinda magic

Chorus Open to all Villagers, dancers and smaller parts should use this audition piece Chorus  

Knights of the round table

There are also a number of smaller parts, please audition with the chorus materials and let us know you wish to be considered for these.

  • Merlin the Younger (Any Gender 7-10)
  • Bishop
  • Talking Cock
  • Evil Sisterhood (Female x 7)
  • Ghost
  • Knights of the round table (Any Gender Any age x 4 and 1 child 7-10)

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Show Proposals and My Fair Lady Update


My Fair Lady

By George he did it! He did as well!

Unfortunately due to a very prominent producer procuring the rights to develop a new production of My Fair Lady in the west end, the rights the show have been revoked.  The rights issuer and Dale worked very hard to compromise but unfortunately there wasn’t an option with which would work for us to put on My Fair Lady as an outdoor show in 2018. It is a great shame that we are having to pull this from the outdoor slot and we are sad that we couldn’t make it happen. We will definitely be looking at whether we can do this in a few years time.

Show Proposals

We need YOU! If you have an idea for a production you would like to put on, let us know!  We are looking for proposals for slots in 2017/18 and 19.

There is a now a deadline for initial proposals for the 2018 Pantomime which is the end of March.

Some great websites to look for inspiration are:


To get more information on how to get a proposal together, see our proposal timeline and/or email us at committee@riversideplayers.co.uk and we can walk you through the process.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Request for new show proposals


Proposals are requested for productions for Spring and Autumn 2017, Panto 2018 and beyond.

We have a proposal for a one-off concert/cabaret evening for Spring, and for a full show running in the autumn slot – if you have an idea for something in either slot, or for further ahead, please let us know by Thursday March 30th.


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My Fair Lady Update


An open letter from the director

Dear all,

Some of you may have been wondering what’s happening since the auditions were cancelled last week. Thank you for your patience whilst some arrangements were being finalised, I can now confirm the following:

Due to unforeseen circumstances, My Fair Lady has been postponed until 2018. We have confirmed the slot at the venue and the production crew are working hard towards creating an even more spectacular show.

I thank you now and in advance for all the help and support we’ve received so far and will receive in the future. Please do get in touch with Dale (Producer) or I should you wish to get involved by emailing info@riversideplayers.co.uk

Very best wishes and here’s to a loverly 2018 summer show

Kirstie McMillan (Director)

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My Fair Lady Auditions Update


Due to circumstances beyond our control we unfortunately have to postpone the auditions for My Fair Lady due to take place on 1st October.

More news will follow very shortly.

Riverside Players Needs You!


What we’ve done lately


Riverside needs you! Submit your proposals for 17/18/19 NOW!