Code of Conduct



Code of Conduct


Riverside Players is committed to ensuring people enjoy and experience a welcoming and rewarding time as a member/visitor/friend who come to share in and be part of shows, extravaganzas, plays and socials put on by the group.

It is therefore important that all members, visitors and friends conduct themselves in such a way that does not impede on people’s freedoms, responsibilities or safety when partaking in group activities.

Riverside Players depends for its strength on unity and co-operation among its members, visitors and friends. Therefore, everyone who attends group functions should at all times act with due regard to the morale of the group and ensure they show respect to their fellow members.

It should be noted that no Code of Conduct can cover all circumstances that may arise. Emphasis therefore is placed on the standards of behaviour which are expected, rather than making a complete list of rules or possible breaches.

General Conduct

· Respect and Politeness – it is expected that people behave politely, respectfully, reasonably and patiently with fellow members.

· Bullying and Harassment – Unwanted behaviour that a person finds intimidating, undermining, belittling, embarrassing, humiliating or offensive is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

· All members are expected to contribute to a positive group environment free from bullying and harassment and for this reason, where experienced, group members are asked to speak to a Committee member, if they have been unable to resolve the matter themselves. Actions taken will correspond with the group’s Constitution.

· Members are expected to act with integrity and honesty to their fellow members at all times with no discrimination against fellow members on the grounds of any of the protected characteristics protected by law. (A list can be obtained from the Secretary of Riverside Players)

Show/Function Conduct

· Members are expected to be on time for all rehearsals and show performances that they are involved in.

· Personal property is the responsibility of the individual member and due care should be taken when attending group functions/show.

· Members should ensure they take reasonable care for their own and, where appropriate, their colleagues health and safety.

· Members and friends are asked to be respectful of other users of the Village Hall or premises where a production is taking place, ensuring discarding rubbish in appropriate receptacles and clearing up before leaving.

For further clarification of any of the above points, please contact a member of the Committee for Riverside Players.

(updated August 2017)