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Red Riding Hood 2019 Readthroughs


Come along for the first ever public read-throughs of Riverside Player’s
2019 pantomime – Little Red Riding Hood!

Experience this brand new script first hand
Get to know the characters.
Eye up parts ready for auditions.
Start coming up with suitable voices.
Buy the production team drinks to butter them up*.
Or just have a grand ol’ time hearing stupid jokes and singing silly songs!

The read-throughs will take place in The Five Bells pub garden in Eynsford (weather
permitting) on the following dates:

Sunday 22nd July at 2pm
Tuesday 14th August at 7:30pm

Auditions will take place in the first week of September (exact dates and
venues to be announced).

We look forward to seeing you there – after all, there’s only six months
until the dress rehearsals begin!

*DISCLAIMER: buttering up not guaranteed.

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Notice of Annual General Meeting


The Riverside Players Annual General Meeting will be held in Eynsford Village Hall on 24th June 2018. Please arrive by 5:45pm for a 6pm start

Come along and hear what the group has been achieving over the last 12 months. Have your say in deciding what’s in the next exciting year.

If you are a full member, you will also be eligible to vote for our new committee members. If you wish to propose someone or yourself to go onto the committee as one of the two vacancies, please fill out the committee nomination form (link at the bottom) and return by the 20th of June.

Special discussion this year will be around the benefits of Riverside Players Membership including ticket discounts and socials. We will also be sharing the results of the survey sent out earlier on this year.

Presentation of the Caroline Front creativity award and Susie Fenlon spoken word award will take place at the end of the meeting along with the new Ian Slipper music Award.

The Riverside Players Youth Group will be entertaining us with a song from their up and coming show Robin Hood before proceedings begin.

The bar will be open before and after the AGM and we will have entertainment from the current Riversider of the Year holders, Vicki Adams-Salmon and Clive Cheer, along with the presentation of the award for Riversider of the Year 2018.

A cold buffet will also be available at a small charge.

Please find links to all corresponding paperwork below:


Committee Nomination Form

Membership Form

AGM Minutes 2017

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RP Youth Group Presents: Robin Hood


6th and 7th July
Eynsford Village Hall
7:30 pm

Our wonderfully talented Youth Group are performing their summer show this year featuring Robin Hood! Will Robin win back his Maid Marion? Book to find out. Will Prince John ever get to be King? Book to find out. Will any of the show disappoint you? NEVER! Better book now… There are songs, dances, outstanding performances and talent galore. Our youth group keep upping their game and this show is no different.

Our booking details can be found here where once you email or call us, you can pick what side you want to be on. Will you be on the side of good and support Robin Hood? Perhaps you realise that baddies have more fun and want to join Prince John’s side… either way, a great night to be had.

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Robin Hood Cast

Jen Armstrong

Congratulations to the newly appointed cast of Robin Hood!

Robin Hood
Lady Marian
King Richard I
Prince John
Sheriff of Nottingham
Guy of Guisbourne
Royal Jester
Harry Lee
Royal Jester
Harry Tait
Royal Jester
Lady in waiting
Lady in waiting
Lady in waiting
Royal Guard
Royal Guard
Royal Hag
Royal Hag
Merry Followers (Scarlet)
Merry Followers (Jeff)
Merry Followers (Friar Tuck)
Merry Followers (Little John)

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Audition Time!

Jen Armstrong

Leave it to PSmith by P.G Woodhouse

Directed by Shari Newton

The Auditions for our  production playing
19/20/26/27 October
will take place as follows:

Read through at EVH
26 April – 7.45pm AND 6 May – 5pm

Audition at  EVH
29 April – 5pm AND 8 May – 8.00pm

This offers you the chance to attend a read through before auditioning

Whats the play about?
Leave it to Psmith is a  comic novel by English author P.G. Wodehouse, first published in the United Kingdom in 1923, and adapted into a play by Wodehouse and  Ian Hay in 1930. It was the fourth and final novel featuring Psmith, also the second novel set at Blandings Castle.

The plot revolves around Freddie Bosham, son of the short-sighted Earl of Middlewick, owner of Blandings Castle, who is anxious to marry Phyllis Jackson, whose family manufacture jam. To win Phyllis he must either work in the jam factory or put £5,000 into the business and he prefers the latter. To this end he conspires with Psmith, an obliging advertiser ready to do anything— crime included, to get his hands on his lion-hunting stepmother’s diamond necklace. But he’s not the only one after the necklace .

 Earl of Middlewick
Male – 50s-60s+
Proper toff, Bluff, stiff, anything ending in ff. Grumpy when without his glasses or near his son. Freddie’s father
Male/Female – Any age.
Butler to Middlewick . Knows his place, long suffering.
Freddie Bosham
Male – 20s to 30s
Young, carefree, privileged. NOT a half wit. Wants to marry the beautiful Phyllis. Rather spoilt.
Phyllis Jackson
Female – 20s to 30s
Spritely, plucky, attractive partner to Freddie. Heiress to lots of  Jam.
Rupert Baxter
Male/Female – Any age
The Earl’s secretary.  Cunning, inquisitive, quick. Won’t believe you are who you say you are.
Lady Middlewick
Female – 40s to 60s,
Haughty, posh, a dragon. Fears no one, will go to battle for diamonds.
Lift Man
Male/Female – Any age
Commoner, straightforward, earnest,plain, salt of the earth.
Eve Halliday
Female – 20s-40s,
Love interest of Psmith. Clever, but from a poor background. Journalist.
Male  –  20s-40s,
Sleuth cum fixer. Well Educated and well dressed. Hates fish.  Believable with Eve
Eddie Cootes
Male – 20s-40s,
Trickster, cockney, believable  with Aileen Peevey. American failed gangster, willfully subservient to Peevey.
Aileen Peevey
Female – 20s-40s,
Conspirator with Cootes, pretending to be a fairy and airy American poet.
Cynthia McTodd
Female –
Believable with Eve Halliday – school friends. Bright and normal. Wife to Ralston, who keeps running away to find himself.
Ralston McTodd
Male – 20s-40s,
Minor part. American poet, his newest work is MUD. Really wants a steak and cigar.
Christopher Walderwick
Male – 20s to 30s,
School friend to Freddie. Just as haughty and really loves his umbrella.
Gladys Rumblelow
Female – any age.
Club Hostess. She looks after coats and is definitely NOT a pageboy. Resents everyone, really.
Agatha Crofton
Female – 20s to 30s,
School friend to Freddie. Loves a dance with Walderwick.
Ethelberta Witzwiggin
Female – 40s to 60s
Minor part. Cousin to Mrs. Middlewick who desperately hates that she didn’t get the diamonds.
Viscount Chipstead
Male – 60 plus
Minor part. Very deaf and dapper.
We may double up some of the minor parts depending on the make-up of the final ensemble.

Rehearsals are as usual, Tues/Thurs (8-10pm) and Sunday (4-7pm) and the running time will be suitably trimmed to under 2 hours.

Further information will be available at the read-throughs and auditions……but
if you’re not sure whether to come, call Phil on 07841871681.

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Lets be Social 2018

Jen Armstrong

For a new year lets be social!

We have some fantastic social events set up for you this year. Come and join us and see what we are all about.

February 24th:

Come and join us at the 5 bells for a drink  and the panto debrief from 6.30

March 31st:

Test your accuracy with a Bowling ball. Venue to be decided but Bowling and entertainment for all!

Time to be confirmed with venue

April 28th:

The 5 bells is a great venue for a get together between friends! from 7.30

May 18th:

Come and watch Labyrinth for the fantastic soundtrack of just for David Bowie as the Goblin King! Family friendly movie for all. @ 7.30

Join us the following night to test your Bowie Knowledge with a Quiz that will have you wondering if there is life on Mars! @7.30

June 23rd:

Fancy a bit of Rocky Horror? Come with us to support one of our members at a venue to be dicided as he plays Eddie in a shadow cast of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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NODA Review

Jen Armstrong



Eynsford Village Hall

Director – Ferne Haxby

Musical Director – Dale Wills

Choreographer – Heidi Phillpott

Friday 19th January 2018

Review by Janice Redway (Assistant NODA representative)

A welcoming venue and a little ‘gem’ of a theatre tucked away in Eynsford Village. Being somewhat hidden away however, did not detract from audience numbers which were respectable for their first night. Riverside Players are obviously a well-respected and well-patronised group and being able to speak with Ferne Haxby (Director) ‘cemented’ this. First impressions can be revealing and the well-produced far-out programme, set the scene for a fun evening. It is always good to see NODA included. (Please note that NODA is an Association and not a society.) Individual cast synopsis always makes for even more interesting reading

Kirstie McMillan (Morgan Le Fay) offered a strong performance throughout, in all aspects and encouraged the audience to have their traditional ‘booing’ moments. Lorraine Slipper (mum) was suitably ‘constipated’ towards Matt Friett (Valerin the Vicious) who in turn gave a mesmerising and animated performance. Jack Barker (Laughalot) energetically maintained the humour with a ‘peppering’ of traditional audience participation, which certainly helped the first half along as the pace here was rather slow. Peter Nicholson’s Merlin was at times inaudible and it was evident that he lacked a little stage craft. He was much more confident in the second half and once the beard went he was more audible. James Lee (Arthur) appeared suitably regal but came across as being unsure of where his loyalties lay. His approach to both his father and Guinevere seemed inconsistent and offered mixed messages. Steve Fenlon (King Uther) was all that he should have been. James and Jen Armstrong (Guinevere) offered some lovely tender moments with sweet singing, changing the mood and enabling the audience to ‘yo yo’ their emotions. Kaz Cockburn (Gilda) impressed with her portrayal of a Tyrolean and Vicki Adams-Salmon (Connie Clatterbottom) offered a solid performance and was creative with the ad-libbing. Phil Ward (Marlon) really got into his character by the second half and the Knights worked effectively, adding yet another comic dimension. The youngest amongst them, demonstrating style and offering good gestures and rhythmical movement. The Evil Sisterhood were a welcome addition to the entertainment. They blended well within the storyline but their moves needed to be danced with much more feeling. Their French plaits were immaculate. Sharron Burley (Teddy) did a sterling job, in what must have been a difficult costume to manoeuvre in.

Effective and clever sets with smooth scene changes; fabulous costumes; well- chosen music; great creativity and innovation; accomplished band, albeit a little loud at times for some singers; spot on lighting, apart from a couple of occasions; efficient front of house and thankfully an underused prompt.

It was clear that all involved in this musical comedy worked as a team to produce a fun show which saw tradition and modernity ‘fuse’ together. Interval music was conducive with the up-beat atmosphere and the ice creams and appearance of Teddy, were a lovely ‘touch’.

Congratulations to Ferne for her ‘added sparkle’ and all the team for a faster paced second half and a thoroughly enjoyable evening and good night out.

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Audience Review

Jen Armstrong

A review from a frequent audience member of our most recent pantomime.

Having never heard of Camelot the Panto, I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but as it was a Riverside Players production I was confident I was in for a good night. I wasn’t disappointed.

First impressions were of the set, which was visually stunning as always. It never ceases to amaze me what talented set designers/painters we have in Riverside Players. Well done too on the ingenious contraptions in Merlin’s lab.

The band were in full swing and playing enthusiastically, led by an ever exuberant Dale Wills on keyboard.

This was Ferne Haxby’s first time in the directors seat, and she has clearly done a wonderful job of casting and organising a talented group of people. Great also to see some of the young talent coming through from the Youth Group.

In another first, James Lee took on the principle male lead role of Arthur, and deserves a lot of credit for such a mature performance both in acting and singing, despite his young years. This young man will go far!

Jen Armstrong provided the romantic foil to Arthur as Guinevere, and also put in a confident and polished performance as always.

I have to say that Steve Fenlon could not have looked and sounded more kingly! That beard was in its element!

Kirstie McMillan, played one of the best Evil queens I have seen in a long time (well, since I last saw her as an evil queen), with the just the right amount of panto evilness and obligatory cackle. Keeping on with the evil theme, Matt Friett was delightfully revolting as a creepy Valerin the Vicious. Great (and slightly disturbing) thigh rubbing Matt!

Maybe I’m weird, but I have to confess my favourite performance was the Max Headroom-esque disembodied head of Andrew McMillan. He was without doubt the best head in a bureau I’ve ever seen and I laughed uproariously!

I also laughed hard at Jack Barker’s entrance to Can’t Stop the Feeling. Great facial expressions and great timing. Have to admit though that the audience’s line of ‘Be brave Laughalot’ was upstaged by someone (who shall remain nameless) shouting ‘Man up Laughalot’!

Great performance from the Knights and the Evil Sisterhood, and some well worked choreography. Solid performances from the rest of the cast who all added to the fun and mayhem. And not forgetting the crew, backstage, front of house, and everyone that works tirelessly to put on such a great show – you all deserve a great deal of praise.

The only negative was the sound. There was occasional feedback from the band, and on-stage sound was also hampered by various gremlins with some mics not working at all, and other at inconsistent volume levels. It didn’t detract too much though.

Well done Riverside Players, a wonderful and successful family fun Panto. See you next time!

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