AGM Notice 2023


The Riverside Players Annual General Meeting for 2023 will be held at 6PM on Sunday, 4th June 2023 at the Eynsford Village Hall.

The business of the meeting will be:

  • Report on the activities for the last year
  • Updates on our forthcoming planned activities
  • Election of Committee members and Auditor (You must register as a member prior to the AGM date to be eligble to stand or vote)
  • Voting and announcement of the annual Riverside Players awards.

There will be an honesty bar as well as entertainment after the business of the meeting is concluded.

Since you’re going to be emailing us anyway please also submit your nominations for our annual awards. Whilst historically nominations tend to cover the last year, our reduced output this year gives us the perfect opportunity to look back and nominate members who have demonstrated the values from each award. The categories are below – please submit nominations (as well as your attendance confirmation and party size) to [email protected].

Caroline Frost Creativity Award – Caroline was a member many years ago who was very dedicated to the group. The award was created in her memory to celebrate people who have shown creative talent in many different aspects of the group.

Suzie Fenlon Spoken Word Award – Suzie was a long standing member and character within the Riverside Players family. The award was created to celebrate those who have stood out during performances with their characterisation and delivery.

Ian Slipper Award for Musicality – Ian could turn his hand to anything and was frequently known to pick up a new instrument and learn it within a few days when called upon. He directed shows, performed on stage, ran and played in the band and even got involved with tech. This award was crated to celebrate outstanding musical contribution, be it through performance, support or learning something new.

All registered members should confirm they currently receive emails from the [email protected] email address.

AGM Paperwork below. Please note, all files are in .docx format. Email us if you have issues on [email protected].



Minutes of the 2022 AGM 

Committee Nomination Form


Proposal to amend the Riverside Players Consitution
Under rule 14 of the Riverside Players Consitution (‘the Constitution’), note must be given to the members of any proposed changes to the society rules.

The Committee proposes an amendment to Rule 4.

What is the substance of the change? 

We wish to move from a fixed renewal date (1st April) to a rolling 12 month subscription model.

The relevant text at present reads:

The subscription rate will be agreed at each annual general meeting of the society.  Subscriptions are due on 1st April each year.  

The proposed alteration is:

The subscription rate will be agreed at each annual general meeting of the society.  Subscriptions will last for a 12 month period, at which time the renewal charge will be set at the latest price agreed at an annual general meeting.  

Why do the committee wish to propose this change?

The system we have today has been in place for over 50 years and was structured for the conveniences of accounting, not the membership.

We see several advantages in the new method:

1. Fairness: 
Under our current system, members who join us mid-year (for example in December for pantomime) are getting less “membership time” for the equivalent amount paid by someone who paid on April 1st.

2. Clarity:
We have seen examples of members assuming that our existing system is already a 12 months basis and when asked to pay again are confused.

3. Modernisation of tools
The committee wishes to move to a web based platform to manage membership: including renewals, reminders and subscription management. This would not only reduce the administrative burden for the Committee, but it would also make joining and renewing a lot easier for all the members concerned. Such a platform can track the subscription lifecycle in much greater detail and therefore everyone will receive the same length of membership for the same length of time.

This proposal will be voted upon at the 2023 Annual General Meeting: a change will require 2/3 of the vote to pass.

Any feedback or discussions around the proposal (for or against) should be sent to [email protected]