Code of Conduct


This is applicable to all Riverside Players’ auditions, rehearsals, productions, workshops and official functions, to ensure the protection and safety of all.

It is not intended that the contents of this code are intrusive, nor do they take away members’ freedoms or responsibilities. It is Riverside Players’ duty to do whatever is possible to ensure the safety of all members while engaged in our activities.

We believe that all members who join Riverside Players are entitled to be treated with respect and politeness at all times. All members should feel that they can enjoy our activities without fear of abuse.

Discussions by cast and crew concerning a production are welcomed. Members should, however, respect and accept that final decisions rest with the director/stage manager.

Abuse is generally viewed as physical, emotional or sexual, and includes such actions as shouting, swearing, bullying, striking and inappropriate sexual behaviour. In most cases it is obvious; in others it may be less clear.

Harassment is ‘unwanted conduct related to a relevant protected characteristic which has the purpose or effect of violating an individual’s dignity or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for that individual.

A person may feel that they, or another member, have suffered abuse or harassment from another member. This may occur in circumstances where the person complained of had no intention to cause offence, or when the subject of the abuse is not aware of it. it is hoped that issues can be resolved between members, however if it is necessary for an intervention then it is the role of the committee to arbitrate and ensure that the issue is resolved between parties.

Any member who feels there has been an incident of abuse or harassment should report it immediately to whoever is responsible for the function. In rehearsals this is the director or production secretary of the show; in productions this is the stage manager; in social functions this is the organiser.

The report will be recorded and brought to the attention of the chairperson of Riverside Players, who will raise the matter at committee level. After investigating the complaint, the options include; no further action; informal resolution; admonishment; or holding an EGM for the purpose of expulsion in accordance with rule 3.