Claiming Your Expenses

A guide on how to claim back expenses from Riverside Players. Treasurer Life A Treasurer’s ‘week’ is considered Sunday to Sunday. Claims made during…

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Code of Conduct

RIVERSIDE PLAYERS Code of Conduct Overview Riverside Players is committed to ensuring people enjoy and experience a welcoming and rewarding time as a member/visitor/friend…

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Becoming a Member

So you want to join the Riverside Players? That’s awesome! Unlike some other groups, we don’t hold auditions for you to just become a…

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Proposal Timeline

So you want to direct a show with Riverside Players? Start here… The following points outline the stages through which an initial idea for…

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Roles and Responsibility

This document consists of a set of sheets each containing roles and responsibilities which are necessary for the smooth running of productions. It is…

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Equal Opportunities

Riverside Players welcomes all members regardless of age, race, gender, ability, sexuality, religion, marital status, class or income. None of the above factors have…

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The Rules

Riverside Players is registered with the UK Charity Commission – Charity Number 293095 The name of the society shall be RIVERSIDE PLAYERS. The object…

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