The Committee

Ben Newton
Chairman / EVH Rep / Website









I have been a member of Riverside since I was in utero as ‘Nun’s Bump’ and since then I have been involved in all areas of productions, from acting and directing to front of house and technical roles, but I am no longer allowed to be a producer. I am delighted to be on the committee once again, and am humbled, dear reader, to have been voted as Chairman and EVH Rep for this year.

Peter Nicholson
Vice Chair / Tech No Plugs









I turned up for the Oliver! auditions in early 1994 and I’m still here 25 years later. Apart from turning figments of the set designer’s wild imagination into workable reality, I also act a bit, sing a bit, play instruments, arrange music and choreograph fights – all the way from ‘a bit of a barney’ up to pitched battles involving the whole cast. Currently serving as Vice Chair and Tech Without Plugs, so if you have any queries around set building, construction or access to any tools, please get in touch – the committee email address will find me.

Shari Newton
Secretary and Comms / Hall Bookings / Noda Rep









Hi, I’m Shari and I have been a member of Riverside players since i accidentally walked into a rehearsal and was subsequently cast in the show! Since then I have been involved in acting (and perfecting a stunning ‘Mary Poppins’ British accent for panto) front of house and I have recently started directing my first play with the group. I have been given the role of Secretary and Communications this year, this will involve taking a lot of notes in meetings and send out, you lovely people, many an email. Please ensure you have Riverside players as a trusted email address and check we have not been relegated to spam!

Katie Aitchison
Drama Rep / Social Rep / Box Office








Hi, I’m Katie and I have been involved with Riverside Players since 2004 when I joined the youth group! I’m now turning 20 and have performed for the group, done tech for the group, stage managed a show and helped with front of house and bar. I am delighted to join the committee as Social Secretary and Drama Rep to give something back to the group that has given me so much!

Naomi Morgan
Youth Group / Safeguarding and Child Protection









Hi, I’m Naomi and I run the Youth Group as I have been doing for almost the last 12 years. I have put on several different styles of productions and look forward to creating a more permanent link to the adult side of the group. For anything Youth group related please contact me by email on the committee email. Thanks.

Sarah Hill
Tech With Plugs / Membership Secretary









Hello, Sarah here, I am the Tech with plugs bod, this involves coordinating with teams to ensure the smooth running of all things powered throughout the year. If you have any queries or concerns relating to items which require a plug please email me on: [email protected] . I will be liaising with our treasurer and taking the lease on coordinating the membership database. I am usually found in the tech tower but I have started to delve into other areas. I tried my hand at playing in the bad for the Youth Group and have been stretching my front of house legs as well as learning a variety of new skills from our set building teams.

Jen Armstrong
Newsletter / Comms / Drama Rep









Hey, I’m Jen and I have been involved in many different aspects of Riverside; Acting, singing, backstage, hiding in the tech tower with lights and video, and soon I will be directing my first show.I am going to be continuing my work on the Newsletter. If you have anything that needs to go on there give me a buzz! I am also Heading up the Social team for the group. I am looking for some enthusiastic people to work on them with me so watch this space! I am also Drama Rep with Katie Aitchison where we will be reading plays and looking at any ideas for future shows! So if you have any play scripts hiding on dusty shelves or in attics please let me know Via the committee email.

Matt Friett
Treasurer / Publicity








Hello, I am Matt and I will be continuing my co-opted role of Treasurer where I am your man for anything finance based. So if you have bought props (with show committee approval) or tea and biscuits to keep us going to rehearsals and you have a receipt I can give you your money back. Contact me on: [email protected]. With this new committee I am taking on the role of Production Publicity If you have any information pertaining to the current production or would like to receive flyers contact me via the committee.

Clive Cheer
Props / Wardrobe









Hi, I’m Clive. If I’m doing my job right you wont see me much as I am practically involved and committee rep for Props and Wardrobe. I am helped by teams of individuals during each production. If you are interested in becoming involved contact me via the committee and we will see what we can do. I run my own props business where I make them myself and I am recently qualified in pyrotechnic artistry. So any bangs and flashed for shows are my department. I will be working closely with the committee members in the development of and expansion of the costume store.