The Committee

Richard Gissing
Chairman / Tech with Plugs









I’ve been involved in amateur theatre for over 30 years, for most of that time with Bromley Little Theatre, appearing on stage and working ‘behind the scenes’ on stage management, lighting design and set design.

I joined Riverside Players in 2006 to take part in the fabulous outdoor production of Oliver! at Eynsford Castle, together with my daughter Sophie (who was only 7 when we started rehearsing). We both really enjoyed the experience, and I found the group so welcoming and so full of talented, dedicated, fun people, with such a great approach to putting on shows, that I decided to switch my limited free time away from BLT to Riverside Players.

Since then I have appeared in a number of shows, my favourite to-date being the recent production of ‘Allo ‘Allo.

Naomi Morgan
Youth Group Rep









I have been involved with Riverside Youth group for 10 and half years now, and took over the running of the club, when Tricia & Jan left 5 years ago and started teaching drama to the children 4 years ago.

Since I took over the Youth Group, I have taken the group from being in the red to being in the black in the bank account. We have put on 1 outdoor production, and several indoor shows.

Matthew Friett
Treasurer and Hall Bookings








Matt first joined the Riverside Players for the 2006 outdoor production of Oliver, in which he donned a tatty top hat and cravat and sang a song about considering oneself at home. Then he left home for six or seven years. But now he’s back, and putting his dancing shoes, singing voice and strumming wrists to performances again – like a verruca you were sure had gone but is somehow back again as if you never tried to Bazuka© it in the first place. Now, a whole decade since he first joined, he finds himself
co-opted onto the committee. And in charge of the finances. May God have mercy on our souls.


Sophie Gissing
Minutes Secretary / Drama Rep









I have been a member of Riverside Players for nearly 10 years now, having made my stage debut at the age of 7 in Oliver! Since then I have taken part in many shows, mainly pantomimes, in which I have taken on roles such as the mermaid in Treasure Island and the high kicking Kung-Fu master Ding-Dong in Aladdin. As well as being on stage, I also enjoy helping out on the backstage side of productions and have used this opportunity to gain experience in lighting, stage management and rigging among other things.

By being on the committee, I hope to be able to put something back into this amazing group of people who have given me invaluable experience in so many areas, from learning to rig a light and program a lighting desk, to taking on challenging roles, to serving customers as front of house…and of course having a lot of fun whilst doing it!!

Peter Nicholson
Tech Non Plugs / Newsletter









I have been a member of Riverside Players for 22 years now (eek – is it THAT long?) since we first did “Oliver!”

Since then, I have played roles varying from a Munchkin to a Giant, via Shakespearean villains, a U-Boat commander and the Grim Reaper, and have built such such varying things as a talking giant, a giant fairytale book, a spinning pumpkin and a real working guillotine!

Standing for the august body that is the Committee, is a way of putting something back into this group which has become such a big part of life – a sort of extended family.

Lynda Newton
Membership Secretary / Social Rep









I have been a member of the Riverside Players since I was 21 and have found myself spending more of my life in the village of Eynsford than I can have ever possibly imagined! I am a great believer in the power of a community, and the team spirit and friendship that the Riverside Players engenders reaches out to encompass and entertain the local villages and further afield.

My love for theatre goes way back, as I started treading the boards at the age of 5 and haven’t really stopped since. Committed or mad? – performing as a pregnant nun two weeks before my son, Benjamin was born was probably madness…..but great fun!!!

I have served many terms on the committee over the years and whenever I think that I haven’t got the time any more, I always remember the opportunities that I have been given and want to make it possible for others to live their dreams. Come and join us – you don’t know what you’re missing!!!

Kirstie McMillan
Vice Chair / Web + Publicity / Noda Rep









Director, Pianist, Vocalist, MD, Set Painter (bad one), Board Tredder (usually playing a man!!!!) and a whole array of ‘helping out’ jobs have made for a wonderful experience in this lovely village.

I’ve been a member of Riverside for the large part of 20 years and have a wonderful time being part of such an amazing group. After being coopted on to the committee in 2014; I am looking forward to giving more and be part of keeping it great.

Jason Down
Secretary / Box Office









I’ve been a member of Riverside Players now for just over seven years, having first been duped in to the group whilst drunk! Since then I’ve played all manner of characters from school boys to pensioners, in all types of show from dark gritty drama to pantomime. I love entertaining audiences and making people laugh, with all the challenges that brings. But Riverside Players isn’t just a drama group, there’s a real sense of camaraderie. I’ve met some lovely people and made some great friends. What better way to pay back the group than by serving on the committee, having first been duped into it whilst drunk.