Leave it to PSmith update…


Leave it To PSmith is a classic British Farce written by the great P G Wodehouse. It is Shari Newton’s directorial debut and we wish her the best of luck.


Joe Geoghegan

Freddie Bosham

Ben Newton

Phillis Jackson

Kat Pay

Eve Halliday

Jen Armstrong

Earl of Middlewick

Richard Gissing


David Byrne

Lift Man

David Byrne


Kaz Cockburn

Lady Middlewick

Julia Bull

Eddie Cootes

Steven Fenlon

Aileen Peavey

Kirstie McMillan

Cynthia McTodd

Kerry Jones

Ralston McTodd

Andrew McMillan

Gladys Rumbelow

Lynda Newton

Ethelberta Witzwiggin

 Lynda Newton

Viscount Chipstead

Phil Newton

September 2nd update:

Rehearsals have started and the set build is well underway. We are turning the stage into a 1910 period manor house and gardeners cottage. If you want to get involved come along and see what we need doing. Pictures and more to come with the next update…

If you would like to get involved backstage or front of house please contact committee or the Facebook group for more information.