Updates from Committee Meeting Aug 15


The committee met on August the 4th and amongst the copious amounts of snacks and pizza, we also made some headway with the upcoming season.

October 15 Slot

The next show for October will be ‘My Brilliant Divorce’ directed by Julie Lovelock; a one woman show of which has recently had acclaim when Dawn French played the main character.

Outdoor Production Proposals

The slot for the outdoor production in summer 17 has now had a deadline set on it due to the planning required to do so. This has been set to the end of August and any directors wishing submit a proposal should send at least an outlined proposal by this date to be considered. Proposals should be sent to [email protected]

Spring 16 Slot Proposals

We were overwhelmed by the amount of support from directors and budding directors to put on a show in the October slot and we have taken a couple forward to be considered for the Spring 16 slot. This of course is still open to the entire group to propose something and any proposals should be submitted by the end of September and sent to [email protected]

Return to the Forbidden Planet, Summer 16

The date for auditions has been set to be in October, more on this coming very soon.

If any member of riverside players wishes to view the minutes to the Committee Meetings, they are available upon request by emailing [email protected]