Directed by Kelly White

Cast List

Lucky Eric – Richard Banks
Judd – Jason Down
Ralph – Rory Gordon
Les – Paul Friett

From the opening night…..


“bouncers is brilliant, brilliant brilliant – haven’t laughed like that for ages. well done everyone and i do mean everyone. you all should be very chuffed with yourselves. if you haven’t booked do it now, don’t miss it, things like this don’t come round very often.”

“I haven’t laughed like that for a long time. It would be a tragedy for anyone to miss this production. Cast, crew, and director – Bl**dy well done.”

“If you havent booked tickets for Bouncers yet, you are missing out on an amazing play performed magnificantly and directed beautifully – book your tickets as soon as possible on 01322 861001 – just laughed all the way through – brilliant!”

“Brilliant Bouncers!! What a great evening!! Get down to Riveside Players tomorrow or next Friday & Saturday 9th & 10th 0ctober to have a great evening out with cocktails before and after the show.Box Office 01322 861001. Be there or be square!!!!”

“Well done hon!! Simply amazing tonight, another success story. Xxxxx”

“Thoroughly enjoyed tonight Richard you were brilliant. Thank you for such an enjoyable evening. Xx”

“My god Rory, what a talent we have in Riverside in you. Just incredible, well
done. Really enjoyed Bouncers tonight.

Paul, you were just wonderful tonight in Bouncers. Welldone

Jason you were amazing tonight. What a fantastic show, thorough enjoyed it. Well done matey. xxx”

The cast comprises Jason Down, Rory Gordon, Paul Friett & newcomer Richard Banks. These four chaps play all the parts in the show and are more or less permanently onstage, so it is a challenging piece with lots of lines to learn, luckily we have four lads who like a challenge, and they are rising to it brilliantly. Rehearsals have been a very disciplined affair, oh who am I kidding they’ve been great fun as we struggle to teach four men ranging from 17 to old enough to know better, how to walk as a woman, flirt as a woman and grapple with the complexities of the handbag. We are also enjoying being 19 again (those of us that have been there before) and trying desperately to get some very mild mannered men to pretend to be angry and aggressive, without giggling madly whenever anyone touches their neck because it tickles! (Jason!!)

 This really is a great night out so call the box office and book, as we have a limited number of tickets. Join us early for a cocktail or two served in our VIP lounge by our friendly bar staff (Sharron & Dave xx) and let Lucky Eric and the boys treat you to a well deserved night of nostalgia as we go back to the eighties and remember getting ready together, slow dancing,  waiting for a cab at 3 o’clock in the morning and the obligatory kebab stop.

I am thrilled to welcome Richard Banks to his first show with Riverside and hope that this is the beginning of a long Riverside Journey for him and it’s great to see Paul Friett returning for his first show since “Man for all Seasons”. I’m really pleased to be giving Rory his first role as an adult in an adult show and I am delighted to once again have the chance to direct the 2009 Suzi Fenlon spoken word award winner Jason Down.

Bouncers is a hilarious comedy set in a northern nightclub in the late 1980s. The cast comprises four men who play a host of characters including the bouncers, the lads out on the town, the teenage girls, hairdressers, barbers, hot-dog salesmen and a number of others whom we encounter along the way. It shows the characters throughout the day getting ready, the evening itself and the inevitable drunken cab ride home.

This play appeals to anyone who has ever been to a club, pub or anywhere else on a Saturday night in town.  We have all seen the characters; we may even have been them on some nights (although we may not like to admit it!). The play always sells well because it is fast moving, extremely funny on different levels (The sight of a large hairy man wielding a small pink handbag always gets the audience going), but also thought provoking in the form of “Lucky Eric” and his well observed speeches on the grubby underside of nightlife.