Jack and the Beanstalk 2009


Directed by Shula Fitzgerald

Cast List

Princess – Stephanie Coston-Holland
Jack – Kelly White
Billy – Giles Wolfe
Dame Trott – Cathie Parker
King – Graham Steel
Spick and Span – Sharron Burley and Lawrence Watling
Clarence Clanger – Terry Oakes
Fairy – Brenda Joyce
Fleshcreep – Gavin Davy
Mrs Blunderbore – Julie Lovelock
The Giant – David Pritchard
The Cow – Jan Stanyon and Phil Ward


Ferne Haxby
Janice George
Claire Marsh
Carol Marsh
Sally-Ann O’Callaghan

The Dancers

Catherine Barrite
Rory Gordon
Maddy Smedley
Gemma Turner

The Backing Singers

Vanessa Elliot
Lynda Newton
Karen Friett
Lorraine Slipper

The Children

Katie Aichison
Kelsey Hummersone
Maisie White