Allo Allo


Directed by Julie Lovelock

Yes folks, it is here! Get ready to dust off your French accents, tune up your comic timing and turn up with lots of Joie de Vivre. The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies is coming to a theatre near you … this autumn.

I will be directing the hugely successful ’Allo ’Allo, which will be performed at the end of October, and am really thrilled because I am confident that we can cast this so well within our own ranks.

For those of you who might not have seen the original BBC series, the main action takes place in and around the Café René in occupied France, during the Second World War. The plot is centred on a priceless painting of the Fallen Madonna (with the big boobies) which spends most of the time hidden inside a knockwurst sausage, and the tireless efforts of the various factions to steal the painting away to sell on after the war. Added to that, René is hiding two British airmen with the help of the Resistance, and two extra-marital affairs from his wife Edith!

There are a host of wonderful characters in this play, including French, German, British and Italian, with something for everyone to audition for. One of my favourites is the English spy disguised as a French policeman. He has some hysterically funny lines, as Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft cleverly wrote his part so that we the audience hear him speaking in the way the French would hear him, with atrocious pronunciation.

Cast List

René – Richard Gissing
Edith – Brenda Joyce
Herr Flick – Ian Slipper
Helga – Cathie Parker
Alberto – Giles Wolfe
Crabtree – Jason Down
Col Von Strohm – Graham Steel
Schmelling – John Harris
Gruber – Rob Tizzard
LeClerc – Alan Cremer
Michelle – Lorraine Slipper
Yvette – Vanessa Elliot
Mimi – Kelly White
Peasant/German Soldier – Andrew Quinn
Peasant Women – Ferne Haxby, Michelle Nelson, Fran Wintour, Janice George