Red Riding Hood 2019 Readthroughs


Come along for the first ever public read-throughs of Riverside Player’s
2019 pantomime – Little Red Riding Hood!

Experience this brand new script first hand
Get to know the characters.
Eye up parts ready for auditions.
Start coming up with suitable voices.
Buy the production team drinks to butter them up*.
Or just have a grand ol’ time hearing stupid jokes and singing silly songs!

The read-throughs will take place in The Five Bells pub garden in Eynsford (weather
permitting) on the following dates:

Sunday 22nd July at 2pm
Tuesday 14th August at 7:30pm

Auditions will take place in the first week of September (exact dates and
venues to be announced).

We look forward to seeing you there – after all, there’s only six months
until the dress rehearsals begin!

*DISCLAIMER: buttering up not guaranteed.