Bugsy Malone

In this town, you either get rich, or you get splurged…

The Riverside Players show for Summer 2017 will be “Bugsy Malone”, performing in July. Following the acting, singing and dancing auditions, we now have a cast!

Characters Cast
Bugsy Kemp Booyse
Blousey Matilda Grimms
Tallulah Emily Weaver
Dandy Dan Gabe Wolfe
O’Dreary / Ventriloquist with dummy (at Bijous) Eva Hayes
Captain Smolsky Harry Tait
Knuckles James Brodie
Fat Sam William Gough
Fizzy Freya Flury
Roxy / Shady / Leroy Eli Grimms
Angelo / Lena Marelli / Cagey Joe / Down & Out Elizabeth Gough
Shake Down Louis / Pop Becker / Boxer / Down & Out Eloise Rydell
Ritzy / Joe / barman / Waitress/Waiter / Down & OUt Mischa Booyse
Bronx Charlie / Oscar De Velt / Baseball Guard  / Boxer Joseph Wintour
Laughing Boy / Marbini (at Bijous theatre) / Baseball Guard George Ivaldi
Yonkers / Seymour Scoop / Baseball Guard / Boxer Jack McLeish
Doodles Pickette Down & Out Flo Hayes
Razzamataz Flo Hayes & Finn Prior
Louella / Singer (at Bijoux Theatre) / Looney / Down & out Erin Dunkinson
Flash Frankie / Snake Eyes / Butler / Down & Out Finn Prior
Tillie (Tallulah’s girls) Isabell Ivaldi
Loretta (Tallulah’s girls) Eloise Brodie
Velma (Tallulah’s girls) (Dance Captain) Imogen Rydell
Chinese Worker / Undertaker / Boxer / Down & out Imogen Rydell
Dotty (Tallulah’s girls) / Chinese Worker / Barber Alex Gale
Bangles (Tallulah Girls dance captain) / Down & Out Neve Prior
Chinese Worker / Undertaker / Boxer (to fight with Leroy) Neve Prior


I want to put together the best show the children have ever put on, and for that I need YOUR HELP: the Youth Group are providing the cast, but other than that, this is a full-on, whole-group show, with production values to match: lighting, sound, special effects, and a full nine-piece band.

If you are interested in getting involved, in any role, then please contact me via [email protected]  and come and join my production team!

Please, the children need YOU!

Thank You