Red Riding Hood 2013 Gallery


A Pantomime by Graham Barraclough

Directed by Lorraine Slipper

All is not well in the village of Dillydally. Granny Hood tries to mobilize the village into tracking down the werewolf that can be heard howling in the forest. Unfortunately, she has to deal with incompetent policemen Beadle Dumm and Beadle Dee, the even more incompetent Barney Branch and a group of villagers who are more intent on partying than worrying about wolves, while also having to protect her giant prize-winning cheddar from some rats who should have been in Dick Whittington but have lost their way. If that wasn’t bad enough, she’s managed to build her cottage right on the spot where retired highwayman Dick Turnip has buried his loot. His devilish plan to use the rumours of a werewolf to scare the whole town away so he can dig up his ill-gotten gains almost work, but are foiled in the end by our hero, Rowan the woodsman, and heroine Holly Hood. And what is the secret does the werewolf hold?

Cast List

Holly Hood – Jo Bowes
Rowan the Woodsman – Kathryn Pay
Granny – Lee Bentley
Dick Turnip – Larry Watling
Lancelot Latch – Kirstie McMillan
Beedle Dumm – Graham Steel
Fairy Dust – Vicki Adams-Salmon
Wolfy – Rob Tizzard
Rats – Cathie Parker, Ferne Haxby, Janice George
Bud: a tree feller – David Pritchard
Lou: another tree feller – Robin Steer-Smith
Phoebe Fitzwhistle: A member of the audience – Helen Nicholson
Belle Push: a silent movie heroine – Amy Barclay
Cole Shoulder: a silent movie villain – David Pritchard
Ed Honcho: a silent movie director – Richard Gissing
PA to Ed Honcho – Hazel Pritchard
Andy Cranker: a silent movie cameraman – Robin Steer-Smith
Flip Over: a silent movie clapperboard operator – Sophie Gissing


Amy Barclay
Richard Gissing
Sophie Gissing
Helen Nicholson
David Pritchard
Hazel Pritchard
Martyn Puddick
Graham Steel
Robin Steer-Smith