Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


The Riverside Players proudly presents… Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs written, produced and directed by Lawrence Watling

After the sudden disappearance of its triumphant King, things are looking
pretty dire for both the village of Eynsford and its lovely princess, Snow White.

Now under the rule of the wicked Queen Voldecourt – oh sorry – you know who – Snow White, her best friend Muddles, and the villagers live in constant fear of their evil ruler.

Overcome with an obsessive desire to be the fairest in the land, the Queen is horrified to learn that Snow White has taken her title. In a bid to claim it back, she plans to kill her Stepdaughter…but help is always given to those in Eynsford who ask for it.

A note from the writer/director…

It’s that time of year again…oh no it isn’t, oh yes it is! Of course I am referring to the upcoming pantomime. Following from last year’s success (Jack and the Beanstalk), I decided to take on a new challenge, one about a girl just trying to eat one of her five a day and it all goes terribly wrong. Yes, our next panto is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

The aim is to merge both traditional and modern elements, to bring this loveable fairy tale to life. We want to deliver you an evening of laughs, magic, songs and dances, for a truly unforgettable experience for all the family. So, get those voices prepped and ready to cheer on our goodies, and boo those baddies – oh and avoid apples at all costs!

Many thanks,

Lawrence Watling.

The Cast

  • Castle Folk
  • Snow White- Bethan Grylls
  • Prince Sirius- Mark Johnson
  • Muddles- Bruce Hanson
  • Queen Voldecourt- Vanessa Elliot
  • Magic Mirror- Lorraine Slipper
  • Old Hag- Vicki Adams-Salmon
  • Ronnie- Robin Steer Smith
  • Reggie- Tony ‘Guppy’ Fish
  • Little Ronnie- Finn Prior
  • Little Reggie- Fred McGahan
  • Miss Moneypenny – Molly Thompson
    The Reservoir Dwarfs:
  • Dude- Phil Ward
  • Punchline- Katie Aitchison
  • Brainy- Eloise Rydell
  • Mimi- Imogen Rydell
  • Rocky- Amy Barclay
  • Blusher- Steve Fenlon
  • Chatterbox- Peter Nicholson
    The Chorus-
  • Linda Fearnley, Helen Nicholson, Jen Armstrong, Cathie Parker, Nicqui Willis, Sally Ann O’ callaghan, Shula Fitzgerald, Vicki Adams-Salmon, Ferne Haxby, Chloe Lee, Neve Prior, Emily Weaver, Mischa Booyse and Ayla Bilal.