One Act Plays 2008


You Were Wonderful, Darlings

Written by Derek Lomas and Directed by Ferne Haxby

The ambitious, untalented Amazon Theatre Group are to perform a little-known, passionate, seventeenth-century Spanish drama in a festival. Before curtain up, tensions mount.

Eve and Liz arrive flushed from motorway escapades. Judy nervously spring-cleans the dressing-room; Irene, the director, accuses her star actress, Vanessa, of having an affair with her husband and a cast member is missing.

At the final moment, Lesley, the missing member, staggers in…..

Cast List

Irene – Cathie Parker
Vanessa – Samantha Griggs
Judy – Carol Marsh
Eve – Sally-Ann O’Callaghan
Liz – Janice George
Lesley – Stephanie Coston-Holland
Voice/Adjudicator – Terry Oakes


Written by Jim Cartwright and Directed by Brenda Joyce

Two is a sharp and touching tale of a savagely bickering married couple who own a pub in the North of England & are bound together by the business.

Over the course of the night, we meet the eclectic customers and staff.  There is the little old man who still talks to his dead wife, the conning yobbo who will use all means at his disposal to get inside his girlfriend’s purse; a hilarious couple blaming each other for Elvis’s death & there’s the little boy looking for his dad who triggers a fragile reconciliation between the feuding landlord couple who row because tonight is the anniversary of a dark tragedy they cannot bear to discuss until now.

Cast List

Landlord – Ian Slipper
Landlady – Lorraine Slipper
all other parts – Jason Down
all other parts – Kelly White