Treasure Island 2012


Jack Hawkins and his pals of brave lads have found the map leading to the treasure of Black Gladys. They must race across the ocean to beat the dastardly Long John Silver and his (female and gorgeous) Pirate crew.

Will Jack find the gold in time? Will Long John learn his lesson? Will Jack’s Mum get the ironing done!

Cast List

The Good!

Jack Hawkins – Phil Whittam
Ruth – Michelle Nelson
Ada Hawkins – Richard Banks
Captain Smellit – Giles Wolfe
Squire – Richard Gissing
Bosun – Ferne Haxby
Rigger Mortis – Jason Down
Press Gang – Rob Tizzard, Lorraine Slipper

The Bad!

Long John Silver – Lee Bentley
Pink Dot – Kirstie Haxby
Blind Phew – David Pritchard
Wally the parrot – Sharron Burley
Petunia – Frankie Rose
Spice Vixens – Kathryn Pay, Fran Wintour
Black Gladys – Cathie Parker

The Natives

Wotta-Quacka – David Pritchard
Wotta-Kissa – Vicki Adams-Salmon
Mermaid – Sophie Gissing

Chorus of natives, villagers, dancers and the great unwashed!

Cameron Durrant, Hazel Pritchard, Sophie Gissing, Morgan Durrant, Melody Lee, Ella Banks, Sally-Ann O’Callaghan, Rob Tizzard, Janice George, Helen Nicholson, Amy Barclay