Red Riding Hood – Rehearsal Update


It’s December. Officially Advent. And what are we all getting ready for? Why, it’s the Riverside Panto of course!

This year, we return to the land of fairy-tale with Little Red Riding Hood. It’s the traditional story of Little Red, her Grandma and the Big Bad Wolf, but in a brand new script, exclusive to the Riverside Players. Be prepared for more than a fair share of silliness… and getting sillier with every rehearsal!

Heidi’s brilliant choreography has really come alive with the last few rehearsals. In particular, the closing number (Shut Up and Dance) and theWoodcutter’s solo (a secret… for now) are sure to bring the house down. It’s some of the most energetic, joyful, and funniest dancing ever to happen on the Village Hall stage.

The Chorus are working on wowing you all with a rendition of Who Will Buy (last seen at Riverside in 2006’s outdoor Oliver!) with a panto twist. And of course we can’t have a Big Bad Wolf without some Duran Duran – expertly performed by Jason who makes his triumphant return to the Riverside Stage this year, flanked by his three piggies – Lorraine, Kirstie and Finn – who are getting more ridiculous by the day. Our MD James’ score and arrangements are already sounding very tight with hi s band, and they’ll be joining the actors at rehearsals soon.

Acting-wise, the grown ups are being put in their place by three of leads fresh from the Riverside Youth – Neve is delighting as Red; Fred is flexing his comic muscles as Little Boy Blue; and James is being the manliest he’s ever been as the Woodcutter. Our (only slightly…) older hats – Ferne (as Grandma) and Guppy (as REDACTED) – have got some stiff competition from the upcoming generation of Riversiders!

There are many more people I could rave about… I could tell you about the Queen and her (his?) silly heralds. I could tell you about the various puppets. I could tell you about the sneaky Lawyer. But too much would be spoiling it. Rest assured, this is a pantomime you will not want to miss!

– Matt (Director)

P.S. If anyone has any large cardboard boxes going spare, please send them our way!