‘Riversider of the Year’ Awards


Every year we have a ‘Riversider Of The Year’. This is usually one person (or in recent cases two) who has gone above and beyond in their capacity as a member. They are chosen by the previous ‘Riversider Of The Year’ who was also chosen by the previous ‘Riversider Of The Year’ and so on. This special award comes with a few strings. You are responsible for entertainment at the following Annual General meeting (and sometimes some Christmas entertainment) and more importantly you have to come up with your own set of awards and decide who throughout the group be it newbie or seasoned member has done something to stand out in any capacity. These awards are chosen to fit that person so they are always different.

The final task is to choose the worthy member to inherit their title.


The winners for 2017 were Clive Cheer and Vicki Adams-Salmon. They created their own list of awards and presented them as follows:


Ben and Shari – Travelodge award

Our oldest friends in the group, so welcoming and chatty back in those first few rehearsals for Saucy Jack. Always there when we need a bed, for any riversider actually,  sometimes much to Shari’s surprise!

Peter – Stan Laurel award

‘Another fine mess as we either give him the hardest set designs to make a reality, the trickiest props to use or the hardest costumes to act in and he does everything perfectly and without complaining

 Naomi – Nailing Jelly to a Wall award

For being almost every role in a production…in every kids production….at the same time…. whilst wrangling children

 Jen – The Ubiquitous award

Never stops, warming up someone’s voice whilst changing batteries and fitting radio mics…or repairing them when they have been broken by actors who fiddle, or helping with costume malfunctions, or as during the last panto…painting my eyebrows on!

 New Dave – The Rebranding award

Whilst I’m sure there are some villagers who have been here forty or more years and are still referred to as the new bloke, we thought (as he has proved to be far too useful to let escape) that it was time to rebrand new Dave, Lord Dave!

 Finn – Padawan award

Takes on any role no matter the size with energy and a sense of fun and professionalism. Wonderful for someone so young. he can make any role the starring role. Always noticed by our families which is why we thought we would give an award out, although its not the typical thing to do.

 Sarah – Riversider of the year

We always like to know who we will be working with on a production, and I think we always hope that particular people will be involved as they share our passion. One name we don’t need to hope is involved as this person is always her, working hard at all hours in so many capacities  (band!!) always striving for a high standard of production, which is why she should be recognised as Riversider Of The Year.

Vicky and Clive