A Man for all Seasons


Written by Robert Bolt and directed by John Harris

A Man for All Seasons, which charts the dramatic events leading to the execution of Sir Thomas More in 1535, has been a modern stage classic since its first production in 1960. In this tense play of conscience, Thomas More, Lord Chancellor of England, enters into political and moral conflict with King Henry VIII when he refuses to support the King’s move to divorce his wife, Catherine of Aragon. More’s decision to endorse the divine right of the Pope over and above that of his King leads to his unwilling martyrdom and tragic downfall.
Robert Bolt’s A Man for All Seasons was first produced at the Globe Theatre, London, July 1960; at the A.N.TA. Theatre, New York, November 1961 and was made into an award-winning film directed by Fred Zinnemann in 1966. All three versions starred Paul Scofield who won a Tony Award for his stage role and an Academy Award for his screen portrayal of the politician and philosopher Sir Thomas More.

Cast List

A Common Man – Ray Currier
Sir Thomas More – Ian Slipper
Sir Richard Rich – Graham Steele
Duke of Norfolk – Phil Newton
Cardinal Wolsey – Clive Stanyon
Ambassador Chapuys – Alan Cremer
Chapuys’ Attendant – Howard Frankson
William Roper – Christian Lloyd
King Henry XIII – Brian Kemp
Archbishop Cranmer – Clive Stanyon
Alice More – Julie Lovelock
Margaret More – Vanessa Elliot
The Woman – Sally-Ann O’Callaghan

Street Theatre

Suzie Fenlon (Leader)
Fiona Gordon
Helen Nicholson
Janice George
Cathie Parker
Incidental Music – Rob Mitchell

Production Crew

Production Secretary – Lorraine Slipper
Set Design – Carol Marsh
Poster Design – Carol Marsh
Props – Beryl Parker and Team
Stage Manager – Jack Morris
Box Office – Sally Coston
Street Theatre Coordinator – Sally Coston
DSM – Diane Fox
Clerk of Works – Kevin Fitzgerald
Costumes – Kelly White
Artistic Advisor – Shula Fitzgerald
Lighting Design – Fred Williams
Lighting Operators – Jenny Harris and Sophie Naisbitt
Prompt – Sarah Boyle
Tudor Bar – Sharron Burley and Dave Burley
Sound Design/Operation – Tom Callahan