NODA Rep Doreen has sent us a lovely review of our summer production of Bugsy Malone. She came with her grandson and thoroughly enjoyed herself. Well done to all involved! and Thank you Doreen Grierson for your lovely review.

Eynsford Village Hall
Director – Naomi Morgan
Musical Directors – Matt Friett, Dale Wills, Jen Armstrong,
Choreography – Catherine Barritte

Friday 18th July 2017

The musical “Bugsy Malone” with music by Paul Williams was adapted from the 1976 film of the same name directed by Alan Parker, featuring a cast of children usually up to the age of 17years. The story is based on the mob rivalries of 1920’s prohibition America as Fat Sam and Dandy Dan battle it out for supremacy. Cue gangland war, a love story and plenty of splurging. Bugsy remains a favourite production for amateur youth groups and schools.

This was an enjoyable production directed by Naomi Morgan with some talented young performers who worked well together and all appeared to be enjoying themselves. It would be impossible to name everyone who took part in this production as they all contributed in their own way to the success of this production. However I think it would be nice to mention a few of the leading players for their hard work. Kemp Booyse gave a creditable performance as Bugsy but he must remember to look up and not rush his dialogue. Matilda Grimes as Blousey could have been a little more ‘sassy’ but she had poise and a lovely singing voice. William Gough was excellent as Fat Sam. It is not easy for youngsters to look and act old, but William gets the physicality of his character spot on. Emily Weaver and Gabriel Wolfe gave good characterisations as Tallulah and Dandy Dan and there was a nice comedy duo from Captain Smolsky – Harry Tait and his side-kick, O’Dreary – Eva Hayes. Freya Flury-Chauhan performed and sang well as Fizzy.

Maintaining an American accent is difficult for a lot of people but considering their age they did well. I did find it difficult to hear some of the dialogue at times but I am sure the art of projection will come with experience. The scenery and lighting fitted well and there was always a smooth transition between scenes. Costumes were good and depicted the era. The band, led by an exuberant Dale Wills on keyboard, accompanied the cast well and choreography by Catherine Baritte added to the production and suited the age of the performers.

It is obvious that a lot of hard work had gone into this production so congratulations to all including back stage crew and front of house. I brought my 8 year old grandson with me who left with a big smile on his face having been ‘splurged’. That says it all!
Doreen Grierson
NODA representative. District 7