Return to the Forbidden Planet Auditions


The biggest rock ‘n’ roll show is coming your way soon!

Join Captain Tempest and his crew on an epic voyage along with green monsters, a roller skating robot and insane scientist to boot.

All your favourite rock ‘n’ roll hits will be featured in this hot feature from Riverside Players coming to you in summer 2016 so buckle up, suit up and get ready for an intergalactic voyage into hyperspace… and beyond!

Be a part of that by auditioning for Return for the Forbidden Planet on October 4th at Anthony Roper School at 2pm.

All assets are available to download at the bottom of this post

The Crew

Captain Tempest – Male 28-40

The Captain of the Albatross, Tempest needs to have the authority to command the crew. He is the all American hero, with a pipe in one hand and apple pie in the other. He is stern but good natured and will always try to do the right thing.

Bosun –Male/Female, any age

The Bosun is Tempest’s right hand man, a senior officer but not officer class. Coarser than his Captain, he is nevertheless fiercely loyal – but perhaps a little too eager in some cases.

Science Officer / Gloria – Female, 34+

The “new science officer” who dramatically is revealsed to be the ex-wife of Prospero. She is a cold, calculating, smart and sassy space woman. She’s the only woman to get this far in the Space Core – and she didn’t sleep her way to the top.

Cookie – Male, 18-25

The youngest (and least respected) member of the crew. He is a young, impressionable and easily led young man. Falls in love with Miranda and then plots revenge when it isn’t returned.

Navigation Officer – Male/Female, Any Age

The person driving this damn tub! The Navigation Officer keeps the ship on course, with a few choice lines and some nice solo lines in the songs.

Crew – Any Sex, Any Age

Due to the needs of the show, there will be a few roles for musicians without given names in the script. There are a few lines that are up for grabs, but mainly they’ll need to help make the music slick as well as making the ship look busy when necessary. If you’re a musician that would rather rock out without too many Shakespearean lines to learn, this is the part for you!

The Outsiders

Doctor Prospero – Male, 39+

The Mad Scientist who is father to Miranda and ex-husband to Gloria. He feels maligned by the world, despite his obvious genius. He is a very protective father, but he is clearly someone who holds a grudge. Knows he is smarter than everyone else.

Miranda – Female, 15 – 21

The sweet, innocent daughter of Prospero and Gloria. She has never met anyone but her father and Ariel – making everything strange and exciting.

Ariel – Any Gender, Any Age

The robot created by Prospero to do his bidding. A wonder to behold – guardian of Miranda and bound to Prospero.

Audition Assets

Audition Pack