Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Auditions


Read Through – 14th September 8pm Darenth Room, Eynsford Village Hall

Auditions – 18th September 5pm Eynsford Village Hall

We all know the story of Snow White, a beautiful, kindhearted girl, who tries to eat one of her ‘five a day’ and it all goes terribly wrong!

Just like with Jack and The Beanstalk, I’ve added a few twists and turns (and of course, shameless references to film in the form of Harry Potter), whilst still keeping the traditional elements of this story.

The land has been over run by the evil Queen Voldecourt, who uses her dark magic to take control of the kingdom. She prizes herself on being both powerful and the fairest in the land. Prince Sirius, the over confident and self-loving hero, arrives seeking the most beautiful girl in the land. Fortunately for Prince Sirius, upon her eighteen birthday, the Queen’s stepdaughter, Snow White, takes her ‘fair’ title. And of course, the Queen is not happy. The people of the land adore Snow White and she loves them back – it’s a very ‘mushy’ relationship we come to expect in panto land.

Snow White’s best friend, Muddles, who is also the Royal Huntsman to the Queen, should be well loved by the audience, as he gives them plenty of opportunity to interact.

There also is Ronnie and Reggie, the Queen’s evil Henchman; well they aren’t that evil really, I think silly Henchman is a  better way of putting it.

The Magic Mirror is forever telling the Queen who is ‘the fairest in the land’ and of course, we have a certain set of characters that you will only ever meet in this pantomime! And by that I mean the seven companions who befriend Snow White.

Due to Disney claiming ownership over the names of the dwarfs I was given two options. Follow the stereotypical Disney mould and just change their names slightly, i.e. Happy becomes Smiler, which I’ve seen before and not really enjoyed…OR, create seven brand new, more modern characters to fit in to a very traditional story!

So with this in mind, I’ve reimagined the ‘old man’ dwarfs completely. May I present to you, Dude, Punchline, Mimi, Brainy, Rocky, Blusher and Chatterbox!

Along with some wonderful songs and dances, I’m intending on having a ‘wizard duel’ in it too, in true Harry Potter style.

I believe a pantomime should be traditional, with modern elements interwoven into the plot and filled with strong, lovable characters. In my opinion, characters make the plot and not the other way around!

Of course, as it’s a family-friendly panto, I also think there should be as little ‘smut’ as possible. Like Jack, I want to create an adventure. I have no doubt that it will be tricky, but with a very strong production team and (hopefully) a brilliant cast, I really believe we can make this a Riverside pantomime to remember.

Character Description Spoken Song
Snow  White
Female  18- 28
Beautiful and kind – the typical principal girl – she loves
the world and everyone in it and they, in return, love her.  She is the kingdom’s sweetheart and sees the good in everyone.
Snow White and Muddles
Snow White and Old HagSnow White and Prince Sirius
Accidently in Love
Prince Sirius
 I decided that this character should be a bit of a mockery of the classic ‘Prince Charming’ stereotype. He is the handsome prince and that’s exactly what he thinks of himself. Sirius acts a bit like an over exaggerated superhero and is the face of every popular product, and don’t we know it. He’s got all the ‘cheesy’ one- liners and will be a fun and lively part. As expected, in the end he does come to his senses and saves our princess, Snow White. Snow White and Prince Sirius Accidently in Love
Queen Voldecourt
The evil Queen and Snow White’s stepmother. She is horrible to everyone in the Kingdom. She has the power and much to the land’s dismay, is also a very powerful witch. Incredibly vain and proud of her title as ‘fairest in the land’ and will do everything in her power to keep it that way.

*If you are audition for the QUEEN please also audition for the OLD HAG as this part may be played by the same actress.

Queen Voldecourt and Magic Mirror Killer Queen
Snow White’s best friend and the Royal Huntsman. Full of jokes and audience interaction – I would label him more as a Buttons than a Silly Billy type character. The audience should love him, sympathise with him and cheer him on. Snow White and Muddles

Ronnie Reggie Muddles Magic Mirror

Wake up Boo
Ronnie and Reggie
Any age
The silly double act. They are the Queen’s Henchman. Dim, but nice. Ronnie tries to take charge of the duo, but really they are as silly as each other. Needs great comic timing between the pair of them. Ronnie Reggie Muddles Magic Mirror
Old Hag
The Old Hag is the wicked queen in disguise, who gives Snow White the poisoned apple (major plot spoiler!) Think old crone/stereotypical witch!

This character may be played by the same actress, playing ‘Queen Volecourt’ but it could also just as easily be played by another talented actress!

Snow White and Old Hag Wake up Boo
Magic Mirror
Any Age
At last it is time for the mirror to shine
But only if you speak in panto rhyme
A mystical character, which we know little about
But it’s a great part, so have no doubt
Mirror Mirror on the wall
Who is the fairest of them all?
Queen Voldecourt and Magic Mirror

Ronnie Reggie Muddles Magic Mirror

Wake up Boo
Male/Female (all)
Any Age (all)
is dressed in BLUE and wears his baseball cap backwards. He is the ‘Cool’ one and considered to be the self-proclaimed ‘leader’ of the dwarves. Dwarfs


Wake up Boo (all)
Brainy Is dressed in RED and has big thick, geeky glasses. He is the ‘smart’ one and often baffles the others with his analytical and intellectual address.
Mimi Is dressed in YELLOW and she is the ‘fashionable’ one. Shopping is tots hashtag amaze.
Punchline Is dressed in GREEN and he is considered to be the ‘funny’ one. Lots of gags and interaction with the audience.
Rocky Is dressed in PURPLE. She is considered to be the ‘Rock chick’. She needs mad and funky hair.
Blusher is dressed in PINK. He has a nervous stutter and gets embarrassed quite easily.
Chatterbox is dressed in BROWN. He is very mysterious. He has an eye patch over one eye. He doesn’t say anything…
Any Age
How could we possibly do this show without a strong chorus? Sing, dance smile and be merry! The chorus is the foundation of any pantomime!

If you are just reading for Chorus please recite the nursery rhyme ‘Humpty Dumpty’ in an imaginative way. If you are already auditioning for a Principal role, you will automatically be considered for Chorus (unless you state otherwise) and therefore there will be no need to do a separate audition for it.

Humpty Dumpty Wake up Boo