Ziggy Stardust has Arrived!

Ladies and Gentlemen! 

The Stardust has arrived! 
Take your helmet and put your protein pills on! 

Riverside Players presents an Evening of David Bowie in Eynsford Village Hall on October 20th and 21st

We need YOU – we need your tonsils, we need your magnetic stage presence, in or out of costume and make up. Whether you’re a knock-off Bowie impersonator, or fancy trying a rap version of Life on Mars, bring your particular brand of stage magic to help us celebrate the life and work of the Man who sold the World. This is an evening all about performing!


Saturday 2nd September 2pm Eynsford Village Hall

What to prepare;

Something to sing. Doesn’t have to be a David Bowie number.

Bring some dots for me to play (or let me know in advance) or a backing track if you’re more comfortable with that.

If you can’t make 2nd, please let me know and we can arrange something in advance (nothing after 2nd, please!)

What to expect;

Whatever you make it! Your performance is entirely up to you, whether you want to sing solo, do a duet, form a choir, accompany yourself on a 24-course late Renaissance theorbo, the stage is yours!

The more imagination we put into this project, the better.

Over and out,
Ground control