Pinocchio 2011


Directed by Cathie Parker

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t know the story of Pinocchio?

Alan’s script pretty much sticks to the original story, but with the addition of some panto type characters.

Basically, the story is of a poor carpenter who is good in thought and deed and lives in a small village with his awful sister (dame).  Gepetto (the carpenter) has always longed for a child of his own.  His wish is granted in so much as he is given a piece of magic wood which is transformed into a little wooden boy.

The little wooden boy (Pinocchio) keeps getting into all sorts of scrapes and is easily led by other bad characters.  Without going into the whole story, the different characters find themselves in puppet theatres, on the sea, inside a whale and in Brats Town, before Pinocchio sees the error of his ways, is turned into a real boy and everyone in the village gets rich quick when a casket of gold turns up!!  Usual Panto stuff!!

Cast List

Pinocchio – Jason Down
Gepetto – Alan Cremer
Nemesis – Lee Bentley
Fairy Dolcibella – Kelly White
Fairy Rotunda – Shula Fitzgerald
Fairy Mascara – Ferne Haxby
Fairy Grotti – Brenda Joyce
Fox – Ian Slipper
Cat – Giles Wolfe
Twyford Snitely – Lawrence Watling
Antonio – Richard Gissing
Policemen – Graham Steel, Tony Fish, David Pritchard
Angelina – Michelle Katz
Funboy – Kirstie Haxby
Mario – Graham Steel


Sally-Ann O’Callaghan
Janice George
Fran Wintour
Lorraine Slipper
Michelle Katz
Jill Coghlan
Elizabeth Adcock
John Harris
Kirstie Haxby
Lynda Newton
Elaine Deacon
Julie Lovelock
Sophie Gissing
Megan Beard


Sally-Ann O’Callaghan
Elizabeth Adcock
Janice George
Megan Beard
Sophie Gissing
Michelle Katz
Fran Wintour